Sometimes I worry about that kid.

I bought J a toy cell phone when he turned two. He enjoyed it. And then the batteries died. They were removed and um, for some reason, never replaced.

One night last week, when I was out, Daddy promised J to replace the batteries, much to my chagrin. But since he promised, I bought new batteries and put them in. It’s like a brand new toy. Felicity and J play with it all the time now.

Once, after getting home, we were all walking back to the apartment and J had the cell phone. It rang, and J answered it.




Looking at me, “ThinkI’mgonnahavetoletchago,now.”


(In family worship)

Mr. F: “We will all die one day.”

J pipes up. “Well, I want to live ’til I’m nine.”

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One response to “Sometimes I worry about that kid.

  1. Jay

    Thinkyouregonnahavetolethimgo someday.
    Hopefully not at age 9.
    Enjoy ’em while they’re young ‘n’ cute.

    (Where DO kids come up with these things. Oh wait, mostly from their parents.)

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