We’re not in Ohio anymore…

March 31st.

The day I realized I couldn’t keep the butter on the counter anymore.

How much you wanna bet we can’t make it through April without turning on the air conditioner?



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7 responses to “We’re not in Ohio anymore…

  1. My butter did that to me when I moved to Kansas…I had no idea that it would *melt* just being on the counter. In NY it still wouldn’t be spreadable, even if we left it on the counter. Sorry about the heat, I can’t imagine Texas heat…I have a hard enough time here in KS!

  2. Jay

    Um, you won’t be able to make it through April without AC if you are living in the House, R. Isn’t your perfect room temperature somewhere around 62 deg?

    Still the above shot is a nice still life.
    Hopefully the beer was already gone so it didn’t spoil in the heat.

  3. Hehe…

    I’ve never lived somewhere that I can keep butter out. That’s pretty funny!

  4. Rebekah

    Speaking of warm weather, it is about 90 degrees today with clouds of bright yellow pollen in NC. I think we went from spring to summer in the space of two weeks. Yikes!

  5. Julie

    i used to wonder why our plastic butter dish came with a detachable cold pack bottom – i thought, isn’t the point of having the butter in the butter dish so that it will be soft enough to spread? now i know. it’s for people who live in texas. do you want to borrow mine?

  6. redchampagne

    I’ve never even heard of a cold-pack bottom for a butter dish. I actually think the problem will go away once we turn on the air conditioner. (We already did once, but then it cooled down again.)

  7. I have lived here so long, I am used to putting the butter in the fridge right after I use it… Well, I am sure you and the kids could go without AC, maybe… But I am not so sure about Mr. French… 😛

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