A couple of things

1. I have a new little nephew named Jude. I just wish there weren’t hundreds of miles separating us.

2. You can all stop holding your breath. We have been to the Alamo. (more pictures to come.)

3. Mr. French doesn’t like that I changed the picture on the blog to the Alamo. But only because it’s crooked.

4. We’ve been to the zoo and the museum (yes, there’s only one) and I didn’t take any pictures. (Okay, there’s more than one, but we didn’t go to the other ones.)

5. Which makes me both a bad Mom and a bad blogger.

6. I still love downtown San Antonio.

7. We’ve also been to one of the best burger joints in this town.

8. It was delicious, but it needs a sign that says, “We guarantee it will be worth the wait, the noise, and the messed-up order.” It totally was, though.

9. I never want to take Felicity out to eat again. At least until she’s uh, four. And not because she was terribly difficult. No, because all she’ll eat whenever we go out is ketchup. She eats it like it’s chocolate ice cream and someone said it was being discontinued. And we have the clothes to prove it. (I dread the day she tries soda for the first time.)

10. I was shocked the other day when I served chickpea and eggplant fritters over pasta with roasted tomato and pepper sauce, that all four of the kids ate everything. That never happens. Obviously, that doesn’t stop me from trying crazy, outlandish recipes but I didn’t really expect them to, you know, eat it.

11. Felicity thinks that all animals are “Molly.” Bird taking a bath in a puddle. “Molly!” Picture of a turtle. “Molly!” Squirrel at the zoo. “Molly.” She does call fish, “Ish”, so we’re making progress.

12. I saw a roadrunner running with a lizard in his mouth.

13. Yeah, I don’t have a picture of that either.



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4 responses to “A couple of things

  1. Jan

    12. Wait until you see a roadrunner catch and kill a bird. I saw that in Tucson and it broke my heart. I loved roadrunners much less after that incident.

    14. Tell Mr. French I’m quitting this &*(@#$ job today. Yea!!!!

  2. redchampagne

    That’s shocking! a bird!

    The job is a little shocking but I’m surprised you lasted this long. You’ll be so happy without the commute!

  3. 7. Yeah! Glad you were able to go to Bigz, besides the fact Felicty ate ketchup and they got your order worng, of course… 😦 That’s our #1 place to go for Burgers! Okay, now our #1 place for pizza is Grimaldi’s at La Cantera. You will have to try that next!

  4. 3. Yeah, the Alamo picture is kinda crooked… But I like the fact you put it as you header for your blog. Very Texan!

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