Fashion Forecast: Mom socks

I’m predicting that wearing your mom’s socks will be the next big thing.

Although, it’s probably a bad idea to interpret the runway fashions literally.

Some people can get away with it better than others.

I was way more excited about her wearing my socks than I was about her trying on my underwear.

On her head.


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4 responses to “Fashion Forecast: Mom socks

  1. Alyssa

    That’s hillarious because Jesse currently has one of my socks on!!

  2. redchampagne

    See? I know these things. I’m cutting edge.

    Or, Felicity is. Whatever.

  3. jay

    How many pair of undees?
    My oldest, A, racked up a set of a dozen varied pair around her neck on on her head once a few years back.

    No that was something I can see coming down the runway–seeing as runway get-up seems to have the requirement of being unsuitable to wear in everyday society.

  4. redchampagne

    Thankfully only one pair. (I hope you took pictures of your daughter.)

    She tends to be my most enthusiastic laundry folder (and not surprisingly, also the least talented in that area) and she often puts the clothes away before I know what she’s doing. I’ve found quite a few of my things in odd places; kitchen cabinets, the boy’s dresser drawers, the bottoms of closets. I can’t fault her attitude though.

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