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It’s a good thing I liked this kid before I got to know him

(I’m kidding.)

(Sort of.)

The other night:

Me: Are you sleeping with any animals?

J: Yes, my rat. I like rats. Know why? Because they eat everything and chew on things.

Me: Hmmm. That’s precisely why I don’t like rats.


The other night:

F: Daddy?

Me: Daddy is at work. Actually, he’s coming home soon and then Mommy is going to work.

J: Yay!

Me: Why do you say, yay?

J: Because I like Daddy better than Mommy.

Me: Nice.

S (the peacemaking second child): I like Daddy and Mommy.

J: I like Daddy and Mommy but I like Daddy better.

Me: I think you’ve said enough.


This morning:

J: It’s soooo hot out there.

Me: You’ve got that right.

J: ‘Cause it’s always hot in Texas.

Me: You’ve been talking to your father, haven’t you?



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I never thought I’d say this but…

I seem to be the only thing between diapers and a fully potty-trained little girl.

If I was a new Mom, I’d be laughing at me, thinking that my 23-month-old is ready to be potty-trained.

But I’m close to a veteran, having paid dues not once, but thrice to the “Potty-training is much harder than Diapers” club.

But now I’m dealing with something I’ve never encountered.

A toddler who cares.



“Eww.” She wrinkles her nose and points downward.

“Really? We just changed you.”

“Ewww.” She points. I check.

“No, you’re just a little wet. I think we’ll wait until after lunch.”

We both sigh, heavily.

I have no sentimental attachment to diapers, believe me. I simply remember trying to potty-train three year olds (Okay, three and a half year olds) (Fine, three and three-quarters but we’d just moved and had a baby and he still didn’t care.) who couldn’t care less. And I think I still have scars.

It’s going to be different this time. It’s going to be different this time. It’s going to be different this time.



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Is the summer over yet?

Summer is making me feel stuck.

Well, it’s probably not the summer, per se, but if you have to blame something, blame something big and vague.

That’s what I always do.

So, I was also feeling stuck about what to tell you about. I usually only tell you funny stories or if we’re moving and … there doesn’t seem to be much of either going on.

Oh, here’s one. J was talking to a friend who is close to his age.

Friend: How old are you?

J: Five.

Friend: No, you’re six.

J: Oh, yeah. Well, I was five for so long before that, I forgot.

I remember being five and feeling the same way.

A long time ago.

Anyway, I was trying to think if I’ve done anything but read books this summer.

Oh, one thing. I finally, finally figured out how to bookmark a page (on the internet, not in an actual book) and then to save it to a certain file. Before I would usually just add it to the file later, not when I first saved it.

Yes, it was kind of tedious.

These things may be obvious to all you professionals, but it took me years to figure out.

And, go figure, I did marry a computer professional.

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