On the eve of her 2nd birthday

Things I want to remember about Felicity on the eve of her 2nd birthday.

She makes me glad everyday that I didn’t wait until I was 35 to have children. She’s a handful.

If I’m not paying enough attention to her, she takes my head in her two hands and turns it to face her, and then she makes a serious face. And then I laugh. And then she laughs. And then she tries to look serious again.

She likes to eat.

And she’s quite creative at it.

She changes her clothes multiple times a day. She baffles her father and brothers with this.

“She’s changing her clothes again.” “She’s putting the same dress back on?” “Why does she always take her clothes off?” “Why is Felicity wearing a backwards t-shirt?”

Because she enjoys this activity, she often hides the clothes she takes off behind her bed, so she can easily retrieve them. It took me awhile to figure that little trick out.

She can spot a baby a mile away. Across the grocery store: “Bebe!” “Mom! Bebe.” She’ll say, pointing. She thinks anyone her size and smaller is a baby.

She watched the video of herself above and said, “Bebe!” And then she laughed at all the funny parts.

She escaped from her crib one night. Her brother (who sleeps in the same room) said she first threw her pillow out and then she leaned over and fell out. Onto the pillow, so it was all good. Then she came marching out proudly. Thankfully, she hasn’t done it since.

She still calls all animals, “Molly”.

Any suggestions for a birthday theme for her? She likes balls, books, and babies but none of those things make interesting cakes. I’m hesitant to do anything too girly, because I think she’ll be into that when she’s older. (I don’t like to repeat themes.)


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4 responses to “On the eve of her 2nd birthday

  1. Alyssa

    Oh wow! How adorable… I can tell she’s two though!

  2. Esther

    So cute. She already has those McK teeth! They must be a dominant trait. 🙂

    Cake theme idea:

    Ladybugs. Older girls will probably want princesses and more girly things than a bug. 🙂 You can bake a cake in a small metal bowl and flip it over and decorate it as a ladybug. (Actually, if she likes balls, you could do the same thing and decorate it as a striped ball with girly colors or something–a little more fun than just a 2-layer cake decorated like a baseball.)

    • redchampagne

      I’m taking the ladybug idea. I found some polka dot napkins and plates too. The boys also liked the ladybug theme. (they like bugs. They pointed out that I did butterflies for her first birthday, but oh well.)

      Yes, she does have the prominent front teeth, doesn’t she? More people lately have been saying she looks like me. I’m not sure I see it yet.

      And she’s so two, it’s not funny. She’s the first kid I’ve had who will undress herself in her crib as a protest. Including her diaper. Yay.

  3. Julie

    ha, ha! funny how my 2 yr old and your 2 yr old are so much alike. molly takes my face in her hands all the time – if she really wants me to pay attention she says, “mama, listen and obey,” in a very serious voice. (yikes!) otherwise she just puts her face close to mine and asks me a million questions while she tries to put her thumb in my mouth. yuk.
    i think miss felicity changes her clothes a little more than molly does now. molly seems to be pretty content these days, once she’s picked out the perfect thing. i don’t know if it’s just that it’s summer and she likes shorts and dresses better, or if she’s getting over it, but i appreciate not finding her clothes all over the place now!

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