I’m gonna pretend that she loved it.

(In the order in which they were shot by Mr. French.)

And…she’s all done with that.

Hey, at least she cleaned her “plate”.


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7 responses to “I’m gonna pretend that she loved it.

  1. Awe. But they were cute little cupcakes.

    For the longest time, my kids hated ice cream. Who hates ice cream?

  2. Very cute cupcakes! 🙂 It’s probably a good thing she doesn’t like sugary things. My children, on the other hand, have an addiction to sugar (like their momma, unfortunately!) and have NO trouble putting away sweets. Happy 2nd Birthday Felicity (I know it was a week + ago). Bria’s celebrating her 2nd birthday tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Rebekah

    Last night we celebrated Ben’s 2nd birthday and he could not take us singing happy birthday to him. He screamed, yelled, cried, and turned red. He was clearly upset. The reactions of 2 year-olds is very hard to predict.

  4. Julie

    neither of my kids ate their birthday cakes at 1 or 2 – molly just ate the frosting off of her cupcakes this year. (she did cake at elijah’s birthday two weeks later, though. go figure.) elijah rejected his cake and asked for more green beans once, and for more blueberries at his other 2 yr old celebration. he ate some of his cake last year (at 3) but wouldn’t eat any ice cream. this year he ate the ice cream but not the cake. i’m not sure why i bother making and decorating cakes – for the photo album?

  5. redchampagne

    Yes. to all of it. I totally agree. The first couple of birthdays are always for the parents (or the other kids in the family.) And to think I once felt guilty that I bought my third child a DQ ice cream cake for his second b-day. That was the best cake we’ve had so far. 🙂

  6. Too funny! They were super cute cupcakes, though. And I’m sure everyone else enjoyed them. 🙂

  7. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    1. nice bib!!
    2. whoa, she has waaaaay more hair than CII … ok, but prob the same as Curious did when she was 2

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