I’m not bragging

This is the third place we’ve had down here in Texas, but the first one that actually has it’s own dedicated

coat closet.

And this is how we’re using it.

The block is part of a coffee table that we’re not using and the bag is

…wait for it…

some light jackets.

That we haven’t used since last March.

But it sure is nice to have some place to keep them.

Did I mention that we moved?

That bag is the last thing we have to unpack and we probably won’t need them until next month.


Filed under Moving is my hobby, This is going to be really funny one day

2 responses to “I’m not bragging

  1. Julie

    nice. we moved, and now i can’t find our jackets. which we need, cuz it’s october in pa. can we borrow yours?

  2. did you all move again in the SA area?

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