The History of Black Friday…according to me (part two)

Next time, came two years later.

We were living in Texas and a five-minute walk from a Super-open 24-hours-Wal-mart.

And our computer had just been shot by lightening. And I was home alone all day with three boys, ages 4 and under. In a second floor apartment. And Wal-mart was selling a computer for $400. And we didn’t have a lot of spending money. And I could definitely not go by myself, because I was nursing a 5-month-old baby.

And if you know Mr. French, you will be shocked to find out that he actually went. To Wal-mart. In the middle of the night. To buy a computer.

But he did. And the line was already to the back of the store when he got there. And also sold out of computers.

But, and this is how you will find out that people in Texas are the nicest people in the country because as he was standing in line (to buy something to replace the lack of a computer, I think) way at the back of the store in the milk section, he got to talking with other people in line and after talking for awhile, they decided they actually didn’t need this here computer they had picked up and they were actually a little tired of standing in line, so here, you want it? So Mr. French wheeled home a computer in a shopping cart. (Like literally, and then he wheeled the cart back. I told you we were close.)

We still have that computer. In Ohio. With all our other stuff. But I digress.

But this post would not be complete without the most famous Black Friday shopping story. The story that has probably ended all our Black Friday shopping excursions. (At least until I have a houseful of crazy teenagers.)

(To be continued one more time.)



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2 responses to “The History of Black Friday…according to me (part two)

  1. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    I can’t wait to hear! I’m rather excited about my $160 laminator for $30 (yeah, really–h-school!), but that’s certainly not exciting to others.

  2. redchampagne

    Ooh, I could use a laminator. That will come in handy for you. (Do you have one of those labelers? I could see you really liking one of those.) (Wait, didn’t you have one of those in college?)

    Well, I bow to you, frugal lady b/c I don’t think I’ve ever had as good a deal as you have (often). Although one time I did get a brand new sun dress at Kohls for less than $2. I was pretty proud of that one. (I still wear it too.)

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