Childproofing: The act of making everything in your home accessible to children

Obviously, after having four children, I now have extensive experience with small children. And thereby keeping small children safe.

I think I could even fancy myself as sort of an expert at childproofing now.

So, I thought I’d throw a few little tips your way. You know, things I’ve learned along the way that aren’t as obvious to average people.

Let’s start in the kitchen. There’s usually dangerous things in there.

Umm, not sure what’s going on here.

Is she going for the knives or the tomatoes?

Oh, phew! For a second there I thought she was going to grab that kn…

Wait, why aren’t you wearing pants? And how did you get a green marker! And more importantly, why would you color your legs with it?!

And you really ought to turn that plastic box upside down. It’ll distribute your weight better.

On second thought…you guys are doing great.

Keep up the good work.



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3 responses to “Childproofing: The act of making everything in your home accessible to children

  1. Jay

    Thanks for keeping it real R.
    You’re in good company, and so is your daughter.
    Daily occurrance round here.
    And remember to keep vaseline secured with double locks.

  2. Joy

    When you’ve already sold your house and you are renting it back from the buyers until you can move to your new house, keep this in mind.
    Even if you are busy packing and labeling many boxes, you should keep those sharpies out of sight. Out of reach is not good enough, since your two-year-old might climb onto a chair to climb onto the counter in order to reach them.
    It’s amazing how efficient a two-year-old is with a sharpie — everything in sight can be marked within a space of a few minutes.
    Which leads me to the real advice in this comment.
    Mr. Clean’s Magic Erasers.

  3. Haha!
    Hmmm… I better go check what my kid is doing… an where I left those scissors I was just using.

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