Be afraid, be very afraid.

I’ve just made the executive decision to post all the drafts in my drafts folder.

There. I said it. I’ve been debating all weekend about it and now I’m going to do it.

For the only reason that it cleans it up a bit.

And I do enjoy a clean house.

But today, I’ll just leave you with this picture.

Because three boys do not prepare you for your first girl.

And you know what she wanted? Cereal? Crackers? leftover Halloween candy?

No, none of that.


I have to hide the prunes or she would eat them all.

One time I was trying to bribe her into taking a bath. I offered her chocolate.

She took the chocolate and then insisted on a prune too.

And she ate the prune first.


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3 responses to “Be afraid, be very afraid.

  1. Esther

    My kids love prunes too. I find it so weird. (One of my earliest memories is being forced to drink prune juice and crying hysterically.) It helps that they read a story about Frances the badger who “ran away” from home under the dining room table and took prunes and cookies. So now when I make cookies they request some of both and go sit under the table.

    Literature can make even prunes glamorous.

  2. Aha! Is this the real reason that girls live longer than boys?

  3. redchampagne

    Yeah, it gives us that two year edge over men.

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