I try so hard

I try not to be superstitious.

But pregnancy pulls me down very easily.

For example, after I told three different people that I was “down to one pill a day” (compared to every 4 hours), I had a bad day yesterday, the likes of which I hadn’t seen in weeks.

And, I only had one pill left.

I’d already texted my Doctor the day before, to call in a refill. (I’ve never had a relationship like that with a doctor either. He also used an iPad to process my bill. And his receptionist was sitting right there.) But no response.

Take the last pill and hope he comes through or what?

So I called, got a real person, and she got it done.

I took the pill.

‘Course he called it into the wrong pharmacy, but who’s being picky?

Today? It’s 6 o’clock and I’ve been fine* all day.

And I have a bottle full of pills at my disposal.

See what I mean?

*Editors note: “Fine, pregnant” is totally different than “fine, not pregnant”. Just to clarify.

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