Pys, Dad! Tell us about Samson!

Translation: “Samson Please Dad. I Love Dad.”

The boys have been begging to hear the whole story of Samson. But the problem is, they always ask when they’re late for bed.

Daddy always says, “Ask me on Sunday, and I’ll tell you everything.”

Well, last Sunday, they completely forgot. Mom thought Dad should just give in. But Dad wouldn’t.

So, Mom suggested they make a note and leave it somewhere so they’ll remember to ask on Sunday.

And that’s just what J did. He made another one and taped it to the bookcase. And then he wrapped this note up in another piece of paper that said, “Dad. J.” ‘Cause his name starts with J, don’t ya know?

This last Sunday, they remembered. Or Mom reminded them. But she’ll never tell.

And they got to hear the whole sordid tale of Samson.

And they quite enjoyed it.

The End.


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