I had a dream…

last night.

I decided to adopt twins from the NICU.

I was a college student.

‘Cause that seemed like a good idea?

It was a little scary since they were tiny and needed special care. Plus, they had tubes running from their backs. (I can’t even guess what those might be for.)

Every time we were trying to get them ready to come home, there was massive amounts of poop to clean up.

Which, come to think of it, is not too inaccurate when it comes to newborns.

And by “we”, I mean, me and this random girl I don’t know in real life. She was going to help me.

I had the thought, as we were leaving with the babies, am I still going to be able to finish school now?

And then I woke up.

I know what it means though.

Pregnancy dreams are always weird.



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2 responses to “I had a dream…

  1. Julie

    So glad you actually remembered and wrote that one down – hilarious!

    I’ve gotta try to write down some of the crazy dreams I’ve been having, but mostly I’m just too anxious to get BACK TO SLEEP! cuz waking up 35 times a night is just killing me. (hey – what color are felicity’s eyes? cuz that one from last time sounded pretty darn close …)

    • redchampagne

      Yes! She has brown eyes. I was a little freaked by that when I re-read it. I’m glad I wrote it down.

      I’m still waiting to see Barbara Walters place in Denver though.

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