Shall we talk about how much bigger one gets with the 5th pregnancy compared to the 1st?

Or, would that be annoying since it’s not really true for me?

Me: 19 weeks

Yeah, let’s forget I mentioned it.

It's hard to believe there's a baby in there sometimes.

It’s boring anyway.

On the other hand, it's only supposedly 7 oz., so where's the other 9 pounds I gained?

Let’s talk about how dirty my mirror is, instead.

I would tell you that I clean it every week but that’s what is known as lying.

It wouldn’t matter if I did clean it every week because it looks like this the day after I clean it, anyway.

I thought about cleaning the mirror and then retaking the pictures, but I had things to do, and I was having a good hair moment.

I have priorities, people.

P.S. You might be interested in this post from my 4th pregnancy. (FWIW, I think I am bigger at 19 weeks now than I was at 21 weeks then.)



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13 responses to “Shall we talk about how much bigger one gets with the 5th pregnancy compared to the 1st?

  1. I’m always VERY impressed by your “itty bitty belly”, especially because I think I was showing more at 8 weeks with #3 than you are at 19 weeks with #5. *Sigh* But I also have no idea how you survive the sickness part, which plagues for so long. So I guess I won’t complain. And I too, don’t bother to clean my mirrors or my windows, because the only spots that are dirty are where the kids touch them every day. 🙂 Why bother? When are you due, by the way??

    • redchampagne

      I’m due June 14th.

      I guess I should be glad I don’t get really sick and really big. Right now I think I just look post-partum. 🙂

  2. Julie

    i think i was showing more the day i took the pregnancy test than you are at 19 weeks. oh well. i’ve always started blowing up like the stay-puffed marshmallow man about day 1 – even with my first i couldn’t hide that i was pregnant (and wearing maternity pants) long before i was comfortable telling people – and it’s certainly happening at hyper-speed with #3. but i hear you on the whole-torso belly. mine has never been the cute little round “pregnant” looking belly either.

    • redchampagne

      I’ve always thought it ironic that I technically could hide my pregnancy for the first 4-5 months except for the fact that I’m in bed and sick and people would guess. ‘She’s either got some bad disease or she’s pregnant.’

      • Julie

        yes, the sickness actually gives it away first. or, at almost the same time. i tried to wait until after the 1st trimester to tell people with elijah, but i think everyone had basically guessed anyway.

  3. Alyssa

    Wow, you are small! Do you ever get as big as normal pregnant women? You should just post a picture of yourself on June 13th and then we can see!
    I was smaller with Lily than I was with Jesse, by quite a bit, which I thought was weird, but I didn’t complain about it!

    • redchampagne

      Good question, though it’s hard to quantify. I was very small with C, and he was my biggest baby by a pound. People couldn’t believe I was as far along as I was with him.

      And at the end, I feel huge, no matter what anyone says, so, I don’t know. I know some women in the last week have like two things they can still wear because they get that big and I’d say that’s never happened to me. I get a very vertical flat belly, as opposed to round and sticking out. Maybe that’s why?

  4. Mr. French

    You, the faithful reader, may readily concur, that I do not often comment on this blog. I have to be more than extraordinarily moved to take to writing. Yet, I found that this post, for me, warrants such a response.

    As one who is very close to the subject at hand, I would like to testify that more than one doctor/midwife in examining my expectant and lovely bride, independently from one another, living in various parts of the country, have exuberantly, and without solicitation, nor any premeditation mind you, exclaimed,

    “You have awesome abs!!”

    I do not in the least exaggerate. And these various parties, independent of one another, I say, for the construction of their spontaneous and unrehearsed outburst, even employ the same vocabulary! “You have awesome abs!!”

    Over the years I have found this to be … simply … uncanny. Indeed, if the possibility was not so fantastic, I would suspect some collusion between these medical professionals.

    “You have awesome abs!!” It is uncanny – and serviceable to demonstrate my wife’s athletic condition.

    Because, don’t you see, my wife is awesome! And don’t let her try to tell you otherwise. I know.

    Testified on this day by,
    Mr. French

  5. Mr. French

    As they say in the French, “touche!”

    (but i still think you are awesome … ma chérie d’amour!)

  6. Alyssa

    Well, if you never run out of clothes to wear at the end then you must be smaller than the average pregnant woman. Even with Lily I only had a handful of shirts than would cover me.

    Mr. French, I think it’s funny that out of all post this is the one that you feel obligated to weigh in on! However, in direct response to the conversation about her small pregnant belly you point out that she has awesome abs and a great athletic body. (which I don’t deny) However I’m left to conclude that you think the rest of us with large pregnant bellies have poor abs and aren’t athletic?

  7. Mr. French

    … mais, oui.


  8. Alyssa

    I guess I should have known that any reply would be in French…

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