You say it’s your birthday….it’s my birthday too.

J: Okay. Pretend it’s my birthday. Just pretend.

Us: Okay.

J: Then the next day, I don’t know what happens. But the next day after that, is the baby!

Us: Right! That will be fun.

(We decided not to explain how due dates are actually poorly educated guesses.)

(And for the record, this is why I hope I go a few days late. Although J seems to think having a baby on his birthday would be super-cool.)

(After I wrote this, Mr. French said he hoped the baby came in May or July, so it has it’s own month. I can assure you, if I have anything to do with it, that ain’t happenin’.)



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2 responses to “You say it’s your birthday….it’s my birthday too.

  1. April

    So, I have your blog addy in my google reader and while I knew you were pregnant, only today did I realize how close our due dates are. I’m due June 10th. And while I’m definitely not on #5, I have noticed that #3 seems to result in a bigger belly than I remember with the other two. Oh, and by the way, we chose to find out the sex and after 2 boys, we are having a girl! Needless to say, we’re quite excited. 😉

  2. redchampagne

    Congratulations! Since I got off facebook, I haven’t kept in touch with your family as well as I used to.

    I was actually apprehensive about having a girl after three boys but she fits in well. And it is fun to have a girl around.

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