Babies, babies, babies

I know you’re not supposed to live through your children, expecting them to like all the things you like and do all the things you never got to do.

But I suppose it would be hard for any parent not to have some sort of hope that your child will have some things in common with you.

I’m one of those annoying people who loves babies. I’ve been babysitting since the age of nine. I did it almost full time through high school. I chose the nursing school I wanted to attend, in part, because the brochure showed a nursing student in the NICU. I did my senior practicum in Nursing school in the NICU while pregnant with my firstborn. You could not have paid me any amount of money to leave my baby with anyone that first year of his life.

I love the newborn phase and don’t understand what anyone is talking about when they say they hated breastfeeding, the first 6 months were a blur, and babies generally ruin your life. I think even their diapers are cute. I don’t need that much sleep (except when I’m pregnant) and I do crazy things with newborns, like take them to the movies and out to eat in the first week. And, oh yeah, I work as a nurse in Post-partum and nursery and am pregnant with my fifth baby. (This is starting to explain everything, isn’t it?)

So, I can’t tell you how delighted I am that Felicity loves babies so much. She can spot a baby at the store halfway down the aisle and then she strains and strains to see his face. She collects pictures of babies from the mail, catalogs, magazines. She has four baby dolls that she loves to push around in her stroller. She makes them talk and sometimes throws them on the ground, but she is only 2.

And she got a book from her grandparents that she completely loves. And you’ll never guess what’s inside.

(Sorry, it’s kind of long, but I knew the grandparents would enjoy it.)



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7 responses to “Babies, babies, babies

  1. Esther

    Really, really cute. And wow, she doesn’t even have her grown-up teeth yet…and I’m seeing another way she resembles you. πŸ™‚

    (And yes, we are moving tomorrow–and your blog is THAT important.)

    • Rachel

      When I was loading this video I watched some of the older ones. She had prominent teeth at her first birthday too. (Although, I wonder if part of it isn’t the thumb-sucking?) This is why I’m against most cosmetic surgery. You can get your nose fixed and then you’ll just give it to your kids.

      (Just what I would be doing. πŸ™‚ The only move I freaked out about the night before was the one from TX to France. Happy Moving Day though!)

  2. Kathy

    Cute. Fiona is almost as attracted to babies, also from 2 yrs old. You should get her an Ann Gedes book. I have one that we really like!

    • Rachel

      Her stuff is good. Felicity saw one of her calendars at the bookstore and really liked it. (Of course.) We thought about getting it and then realized that 2-year-olds don’t really need calendars.

  3. She is so cute! I love that little voice. πŸ™‚

  4. Julie

    oh yes, molly LOVES babies. she always wants me to go chasing around the store looking for the baby whenever she hears one, and her baby doll is her most precious possession. it is the only toy in the whole house that i do not require that they share. =) i’m wondering how much she’s going to love having a real, live, crying, taking up mama’s time and energy, baby at our house in a few months though …
    i think i would have wholeheartedly seconded your love of babies too, before i had my own. i do still love that stage, but i also am nearly incapacitated by the lack of sleep. i’m looking forward to all those beautiful newborn days with this baby – and hoping for an amazingly good sleeper.

    • Rachel

      Yeah, that’s the question, isn’t it? I wonder how Felicity will like a real live baby. If the boys are any indication, I think she’ll mostly love it.

      I think I either don’t need much sleep or have really easy babies. I think it’s both because I know I don’t have half the trouble with sleeplessness as other people. I am practically incapacitated by pregnancy, so does that even it out?

      (Just to add: third babies are usually the most laid back. So you’ve got a shot at it.)

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