Storm of the century, schmentury

In case you didn’t know…

this is apparently why people live this far south.

And yes, people are freaking out about Wednesday and Thursday.

And I had a lot of sympathy for them and said, “People, it’s not like the low temp even matters!”

(Maybe it does, when you’re worried about your palm trees dying.)

Also? It was 85 yesterday. I thought maybe a miracle had happened and I’d been allowed to sleep the last 19 weeks of my pregnancy.

(The J months are so hard because they’re all alike.)

Why is no one feeling sorry for me?!


Filed under Playing the Tourist, This is going to be really funny one day

4 responses to “Storm of the century, schmentury

  1. Woah.

    You need to charge your phone! : )

  2. Alyssa

    Haha! Haha! Very funny! Just rub it in. That weather would feel like a serious heat wave up here. We’ve only been out of the teens once or twice this winter!

    • Rachel

      I know, right? It felt like a heat wave down here too. I mean, going from 50 degrees to 80 is a HUGE jump. 🙂

      My Dad called once and told me the weather in Minnesota (where my sister is) and we figured there was about an 80 degree difference that day. Crazy.

      You know you grew up on a farm when you…regularly blog about the weather.

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