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And on this, the 27th day of February 2011, we turned on the air conditioner.

I think the Board of Tourism for San Antonio, TX should consider sponsoring me.

Although, I’m not sure they need much help with that. They’re building houses down the street from us.


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The secret to life: marry the right person

On the Sunday after we moved, but before we went on “vacation”, we had some friends over. (I think this is why we’ve earned the mostly overblown reputation for being laid back. We’re mostly just crazy.)

We were showing them the house and they were marveling that we were completely unpacked. (And we were completely unpacked.) We’re always surprised that people stay packed for so long. Even if we moved all of our stuff, we’re almost always, completely unpacked in three days. With pictures on the wall.

It’s simple, really.

I pack and he unpacks.


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To-do lists and stuff

I’m a to-do list sort of person. I almost always have one somewhere.

Most days it’s just a little sticky note with things like clean the bathroom and grocery shop on it. Sometimes it’s filled with inane things like drink water and a take a shower (post-partum).

I know I’m in a too-much-to-do-mode though when I use a legal pad size.

I’ve been using a legal pad for the last month.

I’m definitely in overwhelmed territory.

A lot of things are sliding by and I feel like I’m ignoring a lot of people, but I guess I’m just trying to keep on top of the urgent right now.

So, last week (or was it the week before?) we moved into a new house down the street (simple reason: it’s easier to move when you’re 5 months pregnant than 8 months. Yes, I’ve done both.) Thurs-Sat, and then went on a “vacation” Tues-Tues. A bit insane.

Insane to try to do so much in a short period of time and insane to call what we just did a “vacation”. But it was good. We got a lot done. We took stock, enjoyed the snow and ice and now we’re back.

I tell people we live in Texas with 20% of our stuff but I may need to revise that to 30%.

We flew to Ohio for a week in our house. On the way up we checked five bags, one of which was empty, except for the other empty bags inside. They were all full on the return flight. (Gotta love Southwest airlines and their reasonable prices and two bags fly free!) Plus, we brought back the stroller, the infant car seat and mailed seven boxes of books.

So, next on my to-do list is figure out where to put all this stuff.

And, um, this pile is just mine and Felicity’s. And I guess the baby’s too.


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See? It’s all for the kids.

A conversation today:

J: There’s not really very much to eat for lunch.

Me: Yeah, I know. You can have a sandwich though. You know, guys, it’s going to be this way for the next few days because we’re moving. Uh, starting tomorrow.

C: Really?! Oh, this is going to be so much fun! We need to pack!

S: Yay! Remember C? We’re moving to that house that’s really close. We can just walk there!

Early and often. Our training is almost complete.

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The tiny artist strikes again

I found another rendition of a baby on a tiny piece of paper.

After making inquiries, I found that these are commissioned pieces for Miss F.

She requested a picture of a baby. (What a surprise.)

Then the artist, C, drew her one, but in true creative fashion, he decided to change things up a little.

It’s a musclebound baby in a diaper.

And just to show you the actual scale of the drawing, here it is with Felicity’s hand.

I like his sense of humor.

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Cautiously Optimistic

I started potty-training on Monday. I had a well-thought out plan and was extremely prepared.

On Sunday night, I realized I only had 3 diapers in the entire house and I wasn’t planning to go shopping until Thursday. So, I held my nose and jumped with both feet.

And, here we are on Saturday and I am cautiously calling it a good start. If I was the kind of person that got easily excited about things I might call it a fantastic start, but Mr. French knows I never use that word unless I’m trying to be funny.

I am struck by a few things:

If it works out, she’ll be potty trained a whole year before any of her brothers were at the same age. Not that I didn’t try.

I, who eschews all clutter and unnecessary baby equipment, will buy all manner of pink plastic potty paraphernalia in the hopes of maintaining my child’s motivation. Even when I know it will only be used for a short amount of time and go the way of most other cheap plastic things. (But you should have seen her face when she saw that pink potty.)

The first three days (five if you’re dealing with boys) are the hardest. It can actually be worse the second or third day before it gets better.

In fact, if I were to be so bold as to give a suggestion (it’s only worth what you paid for it), I would say if the first day is super-hard (10 pairs of wet underwear, anyone?) your kid might not be ready. I think with the proper praise and motivation the first day is the easiest. The next day, they’re usually over it, with nothing to show for it.

If there was one thing I wish I’d known when I tried this years ago. You can never, ever praise them enough. I don’t know if that’s what I was doing wrong, but I saw it’s effects immediately with Felicity.

In a lot of ways, it was a bad time to potty-train because we have a lot of stuff happening in the next month. But that’s the other thing I’ve learned over the years. It’s never a good time to move, get pregnant, or potty-train. So, why not do all three at once?


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For the sake of posterity

It snowed!

Well, if you squint real hard, you can sort of see it up there on the roof.

They look like typical Texan kids now. Socks are their hands and without proper winter gear.

They were all eager to go out but then after a few minutes were disappointed. J came to me and said, “Socks don’t really work. My hands are still frozed.”

In other news, we’ve been down here for a whole year. And I think I’ve adjusted quite well. I only lasted long enough to snap their picture. (It’s cooold out there.)

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