To-do lists and stuff

I’m a to-do list sort of person. I almost always have one somewhere.

Most days it’s just a little sticky note with things like clean the bathroom and grocery shop on it. Sometimes it’s filled with inane things like drink water and a take a shower (post-partum).

I know I’m in a too-much-to-do-mode though when I use a legal pad size.

I’ve been using a legal pad for the last month.

I’m definitely in overwhelmed territory.

A lot of things are sliding by and I feel like I’m ignoring a lot of people, but I guess I’m just trying to keep on top of the urgent right now.

So, last week (or was it the week before?) we moved into a new house down the street (simple reason: it’s easier to move when you’re 5 months pregnant than 8 months. Yes, I’ve done both.) Thurs-Sat, and then went on a “vacation” Tues-Tues. A bit insane.

Insane to try to do so much in a short period of time and insane to call what we just did a “vacation”. But it was good. We got a lot done. We took stock, enjoyed the snow and ice and now we’re back.

I tell people we live in Texas with 20% of our stuff but I may need to revise that to 30%.

We flew to Ohio for a week in our house. On the way up we checked five bags, one of which was empty, except for the other empty bags inside. They were all full on the return flight. (Gotta love Southwest airlines and their reasonable prices and two bags fly free!) Plus, we brought back the stroller, the infant car seat and mailed seven boxes of books.

So, next on my to-do list is figure out where to put all this stuff.

And, um, this pile is just mine and Felicity’s. And I guess the baby’s too.



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4 responses to “To-do lists and stuff

  1. Alyssa

    Wow! How do you live without 70% of your things? Or maybe the better question is… what makes up that 70% that you live without??

  2. Rachel

    Pretty well, as it turns out. We left the majority of our furniture. In fact, we only brought mattresses and a table. We bought chairs and lived without a couch for 8 months. We left all our house decor, most of our books (though we brought a lot too); winter coats, boots, gear, etc. since you don’t need that here. Flannel sheets and blankets. I obviously left all our baby and maternity stuff (which we picked up.) Keepsakes and that sort of thing. Toys, games, tools, garage stuff. All my good dishes, glasses and specialty kitchen items that I can live without for awhile. All my serving dishes, which I kind of miss, but can live without.

    We’ve only had all of our stuff in one place twice in our lives. Well, three times if you count the first time. So, this is not so new for us. I’m a minimalist at heart, married to a not-minimalist (?) so it’s been an issue in the past for us. I think we’ve both come more to the center.

    In the end, it’s just stuff. It could all disappear tomorrow.

  3. Julie

    we’ve been living without some of our stuff for years. well, i guess we’ve never had all of our stuff in one place ever, but we’ve had most of it a couple of times. =) but it’s been a long time. it’s fine for a while, but i’m ready to be done and settled for a while now. you’re right though – i just loose sight of the big picture in all this moving chaos. seems like i would’ve learned by now, right?
    (and yikes! if i left my maternity stuff somewhere else it would be an all-out EMERGENCY in about 5 days. so i don’t leave that anywhere.)

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