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The Zoo

One benefit to homeschooling is that you can do things when everyone else is in school.

Back in April, we tried to go to the Zoo, two weekends in a row. And had to leave both times because not only was there no place to park, but there were so many people walking from distant parking spots that there was no place to drive. All because we decided to go to the Zoo when everyone was on Spring Break.

Homeschooling doesn’t necessarily make you a better planner. 🙂

Third time was a charm though.

These are just photos from my phone but I thought you might enjoy them.

Here we have the photo we take every time we go to this zoo.

As evidence, this was last year’s version:

We have an older version, but I couldn’t find it.

We went into the fish house and, I don’t want to scare you but…

the piranhas couldn’t take their eyes off of us.

The hippo was kind of cute, waiting patiently for his lunch.

Until he opened up his big mouth.

The other side of the glass is such a nice place to be.

And not just because it’s air-conditioned.



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Wanna see something cool?

It’s May doing an August impersonation.

Maybe cool isn’t the right word.


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thirty-seven weeks

And it shows.

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He didn’t get it.

J, upon finding the “kid’s” bathroom occupied, asked, “Can I borrow your bathroom?”

“Yes, but only if you bring it back.”

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Shopping for a man

I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way, I became the person who buys clothes for her husband.

The only thing he willingly shops for himself are ties. For everything else, he’ll put in a “request”.

“I really need some new undershirts.”

“Do they sell socks that would match these pants?”

“These shorts are getting pretty worn out.”

And then I say, “Do you want me to get some for you?”

Mr. French: “Oh, man. Would you? That would be awesome.”

Like it was my idea.

Thankfully, he only buys clothes when he really needs to, which is not very often.

I think the last time we bought summer clothes was the last time we lived down here. And if you’re counting, that would be 5-6 years ago.

I actually don’t mind. I always assume I’ll be returning at least some of it. Plus, it beats taking the whole family.

The other day I emailed him a picture from the store:

Me: Do you have a shirt that looks like this?

Mr. F: Yeah, I think I do.

Me: I thought so. Men’s clothes all look the same.


Mr. French, while trying on some shirts I’d bought: I don’t know if this looks right. I don’t understand why women think this is fun? Who would do this for fun?

Me: I have no idea who would buy men’s clothes for fun.


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I don’t want to disappoint you, but….

I was thumbing through a catalog and came across an advertisement that said, “No-iron sheets.”

And I thought, Huh.

Here I was under the impression that all my sheets were no-iron.

I mean, I sleep on them. If I spent the time ironing them, I’d want a little more bang for my buck.

This, however, gives me something to say when people inevitably ask, “How do you do it all?”

Now, I’ll say, “Well, for starters, I don’t iron my sheets.”


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