Shopping for a man

I don’t know how it happened, but somewhere along the way, I became the person who buys clothes for her husband.

The only thing he willingly shops for himself are ties. For everything else, he’ll put in a “request”.

“I really need some new undershirts.”

“Do they sell socks that would match these pants?”

“These shorts are getting pretty worn out.”

And then I say, “Do you want me to get some for you?”

Mr. French: “Oh, man. Would you? That would be awesome.”

Like it was my idea.

Thankfully, he only buys clothes when he really needs to, which is not very often.

I think the last time we bought summer clothes was the last time we lived down here. And if you’re counting, that would be 5-6 years ago.

I actually don’t mind. I always assume I’ll be returning at least some of it. Plus, it beats taking the whole family.

The other day I emailed him a picture from the store:

Me: Do you have a shirt that looks like this?

Mr. F: Yeah, I think I do.

Me: I thought so. Men’s clothes all look the same.


Mr. French, while trying on some shirts I’d bought: I don’t know if this looks right. I don’t understand why women think this is fun? Who would do this for fun?

Me: I have no idea who would buy men’s clothes for fun.



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4 responses to “Shopping for a man

  1. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    The most amusing part to me is that ties are the only clothing for him I’m allowed to buy!

    • Rachel

      That is funny. I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder?

      Does he still make you go with him to the store to buy the clothes?

  2. Joy

    Oh my goodness, I can so relate! When we divided up financial responsibility, I was put in charge of the clothing budget. I came to realize later that it meant I am the only one who can buy clothes for anyone in the family.

    • Rachel

      Yeah. I feel like we never really decided this though. Several times I’ve realized that I spend the majority of the-how do I put it?-unfixed expenses of the budget. But I have a feeling that’s pretty normal.

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