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Well, they say everything is bigger in Texas.

I stole that from my sister-in-law, who emailed it after I joked about how big my baby was.

But I’m beginning to think it’s true.

Ethan had a follow-up appt. yesterday and came in at 10 lbs. 5 oz.

He was 9 lbs. 8 oz. the week before.

Mr. French thought the last set of pictures I put up made Ethan look abnormal. Like it’s not normal for infants to lay quiet and still while their mother snaps their photo. But look, he’s waving his arm. And sorta smiling.

Now he’s making a funny face and waving his arms.

I’m not sure, but this might be a gang sign.

The kids and I made that shirt for him. Before he was born.

Speaking of five, I took all five of my kids to the store and nobody said anything about having my hands full.

When we got to the check-out, the lady behind the counter looked excited that I was getting in her lane.

“Oh! How old is she?”

“Well, it’s a boy, but he’s about a week and a half.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. He’s so big. How much did he weigh?”

“Oh, it’s alright. He weighed 9-11.”

“Wow. They shore do make ’em big these days.”

Yes. They do, don’t they?



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One week, two days


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Daddy is actually older, okay?

Daddy asked who’s turn it was to do the dishes.

An argument ensued.

“You know guys,” I said. “you have it easy. You have a dishwasher. I grew up without a dishwasher. We had to wash every dish by hand.”

Mouths dropped open.


“Yes, I also grew up without air conditioning,” I said, clearly on a roll. “and I was 9 years old before we got a color T.V..”

What?! Were you like born in the 60s? Or like a really long time ago?”

“No, my parents just believed in deprivation, apparently.” I said, “Actually, it’s because I grew up on a farm and it just wasn’t there. It wasn’t even a matter of money.”

“Did you even have electricity?”

“Uh, yeah, we did have electricity. Now do the dishes.”


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June babies

He doesn’t look as big when he’s sitting next to my other June baby.

We’re surviving over here. I was trying to figure out why I seemed to get more done after Felicity was born and then I realized why.

My Mom was here.

And then she took the boys home with her.

So, I should maybe give myself a break.

Ethan is a very good eater. And he sleeps especially well when I’m holding him. 🙂

Actually, I have no complaints about him. He’s just about as easy as a baby could be.

Felicity on the other hand…needs some help.

Thankfully, Daddy is still home.

P.S. I’m really enjoying all the comments and emails, even though I haven’t responded much.


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I think your prayers worked

‘Cause this morning I had a baby.


We can’t believe we have not only 5 children but 4 boys. It’s going to take a little while for it to sink in, I think.

I went to bed at midnight, woke up at two, and by the time I got up to the bathroom and back to bed, was having significant contractions. They pretty much went from 0-60 without any let-up and he was here, sunny side up at 5:25 am. I accidentally hit a midwife, kicked a midwife, bit my husband and threw up on myself. And yet they still say I was awesome.

I mean, where else can you get that kind of false praise?

What you really want to know:

9 lbs. 11 oz. (I was expecting 9 lbs but I still can’t believe he is so big.)

21 inches long

Lots of straight dark hair (I’m curious to see if he keeps it.)

Ethan Liddell D.

We’ve had Ethan on our “name list” for at least 9 or 10 years. We tend to shy away from “top ten” names but we’ve liked it for so long and it goes with the rest of the kids names so well, we just went with it. We always give our boys one Biblical name and one “namesake” name. So, he was also named after the Olympic athlete and missionary to China, Eric Liddell.

He looks a lot like the other boys when they were babies.

She wasn’t sure in the beginning what she thought of him. Tonight she brought him all her babies.

We haven’t gotten any family shots but I think we’ll try that tomorrow, after a bath.

At one point this morning, J looked at me and said, “Mom. You’re not pregnant anymore.”

“I know.” I said. “Isn’t it wonderful?”


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So, I guess this is me complaining?

I don’t know if it’s the 105 degrees or the 40 weeks, 4 days but I don’t even recognize my feet anymore.

I can barely walk, which is what is really making life difficult right now.

Although I am trying to stay active and I even hobbled through the store today.

I’m reminded of a very particular moment during J’s birth when I was tired and weary of the contractions and seemed stuck at a “low” number (six, I believe it was). A friend of mine thought she wanted to come to the birth but when we called at 3 or whatever it was, she decided to stay home. And I so badly wanted to trade places with her and sleep in a nice warm, soft bed.

And here I am in the opposite position. Wishing for the active part of labor to begin so I can get out of this puffy suit.

All in due time though. All in due time.


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Not that I’m suggesting you’re bored

But, you know, if you’re looking for something to do besides watch me not have contractions. (For the record, I usually feel like I could be in labor everyday for the last month. I usually have tons of contractions. It’s disconcerting that I’m not. Although, less painful, so I should be thankful, I guess.)

I’ll let you know when I get desperate and decide to go “jogging” at 9 months like my friend who shall remain nameless. (I’m sure those people slowing down to stare were just concerned for your safety.) (They probably weren’t laughing at you.)

Anyway, back to my point. Sometimes I run across things on the internet and I think, why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner? So, I’m going to be the friend who tells you about it.

Have you ever heard of If you like to look at houses, for fun and education, this is my favorite site. You can theoretically, spend hours just looking at pretty kitchens. (Not that I would ever do that. Or go to bed at 2 am because of it. Ahem!) Or built-in bookcases. Or just colors that appeal to you. (Who knew I liked blue and orange so much?) (And, strangely, I like their iphone app as much as the website. That’s never happened with any other website.) is somewhat new, and I find it a little confusing still (or maybe chaotic?) but, it pulls me in every few days. It’s basically a place to put pictures (which are really only useful if they’re linked) for things that you like. The best part is when you follow someone. Because then you can look at their pretty pictures.

I tend to assume everyone has heard of, and yet I still run into people who’ve never been there. I just can’t imagine. I love It’s basically my go-to place for unique things. Everything is either handmade or “vintage” (found at a thrift store or garage sale and resold). You do have to wade through a lot of junk sometimes, but the nice thing is that you can save your favorites in your folder and then you can often find new things through other’s links, which means after awhile you don’t have to sift through the junk to find what you’re looking for. And what amazes me is that some people that I’ve followed for years are now selling their wares in big name shops (Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters, anyone?). (it’s mostly people who make jewelry and clothes but I’m sure there are others.) So, do you think Mr. French would let me redecorate our theoretical family room with a map theme? ‘Cause I really want this pillow. And this would be perfect in my old kitchen. And wouldn’t this be funny on our French letter bedspread? And last, but not least, do you think I could get this with a bowtie? (I mean, if we have a boy.)

And for a random assortment of blogs that you might find interesting:

Annie’s eats

Clients from Hell

Reagan’s Blob

Tales of me and the husband -I like to read other people’s stories.

August Fields -They built a house that I would gladly move into tomorrow.

Knight Moves -I would also move directly into her house, but maybe not with my kids.

The Local -This one might be hard to explain but I guess I find it interesting to see news from another country’s perspective. (Why not Sweden?)

22 words -the name doesn’t match the random assortment of stuff you can find on this site. But it’s usually interesting.

There you go. Something for everyone.

I would go for a jog now, but it is 103 outside. I think I’ll put it off until tomorrow when it’s supposed to be 105.

(Mr. French was just telling me that he was telling people at work that he was taking me to Six Flags this afternoon to ride rollercoasters. At least the kids will have fun. 🙂 )


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