It is a truth universally acknowledged…

that a women about to have a baby must be in want of something to do.

At least, that’s the only thing I can come up with to explain my behavior the last few weeks.

Last week, I decided to take the week off from school so we could make a concerted effort towards putting our feet up and relaxing a little.

Yes, in my world, effort and relax go together in the same sentence.

It was quite effective, as I relaxed, put my feet up and also changed the air conditioner filters, stocked up on water softener salt, cleaned out the garage, the pantry, the closets, re-organized the bathroom closet to accommodate the baby stuff, vacuumed the ceiling fan, took apart and thoroughly cleaned the toddler carseat (which has never been done before, since I had to google the instructions), mopped all the tiled places in the house, stocked up the freezer and pantry with food and actually blogged again. Oh, and I also made the boys clean the entire house for me. I am such a fun mom.

This week I got everything ready for J’s birthday, pulled some weeds, reorganized the fridge and made some meals for the freezer. And we also did school because I’m running out of things to do.  Though, I guess there’s always the washing machine to scrub out.



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5 responses to “It is a truth universally acknowledged…

  1. Donna Burnett

    That sounds like one of the worse cases of nesting syndrome I’ve ever heard of. Maybe you will have the baby early…like on the 10th 🙂

  2. Rachel

    Eh, call me pessimistic, but I think this baby will be late. Nobody else believes me but it’s not like they know any better either.

  3. Esther

    That nesting thing is real. I HATE to clean and at the end of my last pregnancy I was scrubbing out my microwave and the toaster oven and wiping down all the top shelves in my kitchen. And stoutly denying to D that I was actually nesting–it was just…really dirty, right?

    I know part of it was that I knew with three kids there was no way some of it was ever getting cleaned again if I didn’t do it before the baby came. 😉

  4. Julie

    yeah … never, ever have i had any compulsion to clean anything like that. especially not right before i had a baby. but we moved a few days before e was born, and with molly we had recently moved and i was chasing e, who wasn’t 2 yet. all i wanted to do right before my babies came is take a nap. =) we’ll see with this one – but i would be shocked.

    • Rachel

      I hear you. I wasn’t like this with my first three. At all. But, I did have much younger children and had either just moved or was about to. I remember very specifically with the first two feeling compelled to take a nap the day I ended up going into labor, too. (Which made me nervous on Monday because I took a 2 1/2 hour nap!)

      It’s weird how it changes. And it’s not like these things stay done. I mean, the bathrooms certainly don’t stay clean.

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