You haven’t had that baby yet?!

Have you ever signed up for those emails on baby websites so that they can remind you every week how far along you are and tell you what’s going on with your baby this week? Mostly, I find them annoying and somewhat inaccurate (“Congratulations, you’re 13 weeks. Your morning sickness should be all but gone by now and you’ll soon have a surge of energy!”) but I like to be reminded of how big the baby is and where it should be developmentally.

Today, though, it was just annoying, reminding me that I could have had the baby already! And it’s as big as a pumpkin! But a small one! And average babies are only 7 1/2 pounds!

They also included the very useful information that 15% of all babies are born on Wednesday. Two problems with this information: 1) it’s only slightly higher than average and 2) I’ve never had a baby on a Wednesday.

And apparently you are least likely to have a baby on the weekend (but that’s not skewed because of inductions and planned c-sections, right?) (since I’ve had 50% of my babies on the weekend.) (Do I sound cynical?)

So, when do you think this baby is coming?

Just to review:

First baby on due date (some warning, but didn’t recognize it as such)

Second baby a day early (with no warning)

Third baby, the morning after due date. (lots of lead-up time)

You can see how this set me up for the disaster of going three days past when I thought I should have had the fourth baby.

So, not this time. I’ve already imagined myself pregnant on Friday and I’m cool with it. Maybe even Saturday. Who knows? You hear that, baby? I’m fine, you do whatever you want. (Daddy wants you to come today though.)

Except for next week. I need you to come this week.

It is birth week after all.



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13 responses to “You haven’t had that baby yet?!

  1. Mom

    Grandma is coming early next week, so this weekend will be fine (since waiting til I get there is a lot to ask!). Miss F missed the 8/8/08 date by a few days, so I voted for the 6/16 date just for fun.

  2. Maranatha

    I love having cool birth dates for my boys. Eliab is 1-11 and Jacob is 4-14.
    PS I’m pregnant too!.

    • Rachel

      Congratulations! (Your Mom told me.)

      Mr. F and I have cool birthdays (3/13 and 5/15) so I kinda want this one to be 6/16. But also just so I can actually remember it.

  3. Julie

    um, i’m not good at guessing these things. i hope you are feeling fine and that baby comes soon, and not a week late. =)
    wow, all four of yours were remarkably close to their due date! i was so sure that i was going to be a week late with the first one, and then he came 2 weeks early. i didn’t know what to think with the second, but i was wretchedly miserable and very, very worried about her being born in the car or the back of an ambulance or something, with my toddler right there to experience the whole shebang – and then she was 1 week early. (and i did get to the hospital on time, without big brother in tow – hooray!) shall we guess that #3 will continue the trend and actually come on or near his due date? i don’t know – which makes it hard for grandma to schedule a plane ticket. =)

    • Rachel

      Babies are notoriously hard to predict. πŸ™‚ I had a Doctor say once that any Doctor who tries to predict when the baby comes is just making it up.

      I’ve always wanted to go 2 weeks early and it just never happens.

  4. Lucky you. πŸ™‚ (You too, Julie!) T came the day after his due date, B came 8 days after her due date (due a week after Miss F, I believe), and C came a week ahead of his. After B decided to come so “late”, I tossed due dates out the window and settled in on due months. Because hopefully any and all babies have 4 weeks to get themselves out and if they don’t, there will be BIG trouble. πŸ˜‰ That is, if and when there’s another one. πŸ™‚

    • Rachel

      I had a friend who was 3 weeks late with her last. In the summer. She was soooo miserable. But it was a fast and “easy” delivery, so there’s that.

  5. Colleen

    let’s go with friday. just because. my first was 2 days early. my second was 10 days early. and then my third decided to show up 5 days late. (she’s been our exception to most rules ever since πŸ™‚ but our fourth went back to the early trend appearing 6 days early. it’s fun to try & predict, as long as you don’t drive yourself crazy in the process. πŸ˜‰

    • Rachel

      They say third babies are almost always different. That hasn’t been completely true with us since Miss F has been pretty “different”.

      This pregnancy has actually been the easiest (though probably mostly because of the medicine) even at the end, so I’m curious how it will all pan out.

  6. Rebekah

    Well, I hope your baby comes soon. I won’t tell you when all mine arrived because it would discourage you, but I did have two born on a Saturday, two on a Wednesday and one on a Tuesday.

    • Rachel

      I know. They all come early.

      I’m not sure I’m even ready yet. Every time I have a new pain, I think, “No, not yet. I don’t want to go into labor yet.”
      Maybe Thursday.

  7. Abigail

    Well, I’m excited for you to have the baby, whenever it decides to arrive. Three out of four of my kids were born on Tuesday. And all of them were born the same day I went into labor. I go into labor in the morning or early afternoon and have a baby by midnight (or much earlier). I hope you have a nice, easy, predictable labor. πŸ™‚

  8. Alyssa

    I voted for 6/16 because I like cool dates. Mine were 5/15 and 7/17. πŸ™‚

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