So, I guess this is me complaining?

I don’t know if it’s the 105 degrees or the 40 weeks, 4 days but I don’t even recognize my feet anymore.

I can barely walk, which is what is really making life difficult right now.

Although I am trying to stay active and I even hobbled through the store today.

I’m reminded of a very particular moment during J’s birth when I was tired and weary of the contractions and seemed stuck at a “low” number (six, I believe it was). A friend of mine thought she wanted to come to the birth but when we called at 3 or whatever it was, she decided to stay home. And I so badly wanted to trade places with her and sleep in a nice warm, soft bed.

And here I am in the opposite position. Wishing for the active part of labor to begin so I can get out of this puffy suit.

All in due time though. All in due time.


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6 responses to “So, I guess this is me complaining?

  1. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    No complaining until after you’ve gone jogging! 🙂 And grooooooooOOOan re that call b/c it was my voice that woke them up! Oh, and too bad I have to head to bed b/c I’ll also never forget talking to you several hrs before “Curious” was born! Thks again–and now seriously, I’ll make sure we pray for you in sev minutes!

  2. Rachel

    I remember it all so well.

    I seriously can’t walk, I can’t even imagine jogging.

    Also, remember when you called when I was in labor with Felicity? And then she didn’t come for hours later anyway?

  3. Colleen

    Oh, Rachel. Praying the little one comes SOON. Two days before Elise was born, I was in tears because I also could barely walk (although that was due to sciatica). But it could happen at any moment! 🙂 (That’s supposed to be the encouraging part.)

  4. Alyssa

    I’m not sure if it’s the temperature or your swollen feet, but you have my wholehearted sympathy this time!

  5. I have to confess, I’ve been really enjoying the heat. I can only sweat so much when using the sauna, but when it’s HOT outside during the day at work, it’s like I’m sweating twice as much. We all hope and pray the baby comes SOON!

  6. Praying for you Rachel! You have my sympathy too. My feet looked like that in January, can’t imagine having to deal with the HEAT and SWOLLEN feet. 😦 You should look on YouTube for some videos on how to do accupressure points to induce labor. 😉 If baby’s ready to come, perhaps they will help the encouragement process. 🙂

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