Well, they say everything is bigger in Texas.

I stole that from my sister-in-law, who emailed it after I joked about how big my baby was.

But I’m beginning to think it’s true.

Ethan had a follow-up appt. yesterday and came in at 10 lbs. 5 oz.

He was 9 lbs. 8 oz. the week before.

Mr. French thought the last set of pictures I put up made Ethan look abnormal. Like it’s not normal for infants to lay quiet and still while their mother snaps their photo. But look, he’s waving his arm. And sorta smiling.

Now he’s making a funny face and waving his arms.

I’m not sure, but this might be a gang sign.

The kids and I made that shirt for him. Before he was born.

Speaking of five, I took all five of my kids to the store and nobody said anything about having my hands full.

When we got to the check-out, the lady behind the counter looked excited that I was getting in her lane.

“Oh! How old is she?”

“Well, it’s a boy, but he’s about a week and a half.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. He’s so big. How much did he weigh?”

“Oh, it’s alright. He weighed 9-11.”

“Wow. They shore do make ’em big these days.”

Yes. They do, don’t they?


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3 responses to “Well, they say everything is bigger in Texas.

  1. What do husbands know about how things (including babies) are supposed to look in pictures? As we also say here in Texas…don’t give him no nevermind!

  2. Donna Burnett

    When you went to the store and no one said anything about you having your hands full, they probably doubted the children were all yours and were very afraid to ask 🙂

  3. Mom

    I wasn’t thinking he “felt” like he was so big, until I held his newborn cousin. There’s now a three pound difference and only 10 days difference in age! Can’t wait to hold him again soon!

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