In other words…

This boy, it will surprise no one…

likes to eat breakfast.

and brunch.

and lunch.

and dinner.

with snacks.

and a nightcap.

And that you-just-woke-up-at-2-am-and-you’re-starving snack.

I can’t really blame him.

I’m a pretty good cook.

Did you see his new outfit?

I think it’s pretty cute, but when he has a wet diaper, it’s a leettle too tight.

I tried to use up the size one diapers but I just couldn’t. I had to move to size 2 today.

In other words, Ethan is doing very well.



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3 responses to “In other words…

  1. Donna Burnett

    What a cutie! He is a healthy size. Mommy should sleep in between all feedings to keep up with that schedule…like that’s gonna happen šŸ˜‰

  2. Sounds like Ethan is very similar to Cameron. He’s already in size 4 diapers (the same size as his 2 year old cousin) and 6 month clothes are getting too small on him. I’ve never had a chunky baby this early…he’s been this way since he was about 2 months old (he was the smallest of the 3, but was also a week early) and he’s only 5.5 months. So much for using all of big brother Tyler’s clothes, they’ll be the wrong size for the coming seasons! But, I think it’s a good ‘problem’ to have. I wouldn’t trade his chubbiness for anything. šŸ™‚

  3. Julie

    yay for a good eater! so glad he’s doing well. =) and the chubbiness is so cute!

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