At least it’s a dry heat

This was around two in the afternoon on Sunday.

We were facing the southeast if that makes a difference.

And this is tonight around 9 p.m.

(traveling south by southwest)

This is the drought map.

We’re right smack in the middle of exceptional.

Of course, we are.

Did you hear about the new Texas rain gauges they’re sellin’? It’s a bottle cap on top of a fence post.

It actually rained last week.

For about five minutes.

Have you ever gotten a frying pan really hot on the stove and then flicked some water into it?

It was kind of like that.

We had some visitors from Virginia a couple weeks ago. As they were driving down through this great state late at night they decided to roll down the windows and get some fresh air. They choked and quickly rolled them back up.

It kind of made me laugh out loud. Sorry, Virginians.

Supposedly, we’re supposed to get some rain this weekend and the weather is supposed to break into the high 90s.

Oh boy! Hold this while I go get my coat on.


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4 responses to “At least it’s a dry heat

  1. Rebekah

    Ouch. Last night the low was 55. Today’s high is supposed to be 82 which will be warmer than it has been lately. This month I’ve been thinking that I didn’t know that August could be this pleasant. Which made me wonder…when does it start snowing around here…September??

    • Rachel

      I think our lows are in the 80s. I was up early (around 7) the other morning and it was a nice and cool 86.

      Yes, I’m rolling my eyes.

      I hope it snows this winter.

  2. Julie

    wow. a bit different than here – all we’ve been hearing about is the hurricane, and 12+ inches of rain at a time! we just had a crazy bit of hurricane rain this weekend, which has improved our weather this week to just about perfect – it was 75 at noon today. i think it’s wonderful. i can’t imagine nursing a baby in that kind of weather. even with ac i got heat rash for the first few weeks with both molly and finn. yuk! hope you’re staying cool enough!

    • Rachel

      That weather sounds perfect. We do get hot nursing. I try to sit under the fan. But we both sweat. What I hate the most is seeing how sweaty Ethan gets in his car seat. Not much I can do though.

      At least all the stores are cool! That helps a lot.

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