We recently implemented a new chore system around here. The boys are actually excited about it and were explaining it all to Daddy when he got home from work.

Mr. F: So, is Ethan on the list too?

S: No. He’s just getting a free ride.


Felicity: Ennis is toot.

Me: You think so?

Felicity: Yes. I toot, too.

Me: Yes, you’re cute too.


I explained a future business idea I had to Mr. French, telling him why I would enjoy it, where there’s a need, and how it would work.

Mr. French: And you’re going to do this in all the free time you have now?


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One response to “Quotables

  1. Gene Dewell

    I think Felicity is Toot too.
    Mr French is an anglophile who is now drinking coffee in Texas. Anything unusual about this?

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