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The vultures descend

I say this once a week. Or once a day depending on how bad it is.

We’re at the dinner table eating a delicious meal.

Felicity announces that she’s not hungry/too tired/food is too spicy/she doesn’t want it, when she actually has quite a bit of food left on her plate.

Suddenly, boys with forks are crowding around her plate.

And then she’ll say, “No. Daddy.”

To his great delight.

There are benefits to having someone wrapped around your finger.


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Black Friday: Part 4 “Oh, how soon we forget”

I’ll the end the suspense right now.

No, I did not go shopping on Black Friday. Or Crazy Thursday for that matter.

Or as our grandparents used to refer to it, Thanksgiving Day.

I teased Mr. French about it all day though. I’m sure he appreciated that.

On Wednesday though, I was driving slowly through a busy parking lot, on my way to a store to return something. I started to approach Best Buy and thought, Oh, they must be having a sale on tents. They’ve got them all set up.

Does Best Buy sell tents?

And then I saw the sign.

The Line Starts Here.


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Air quotes

I was sitting in the car at a red light when the radio announcer started talking about the weather. I wasn’t paying close attention until I heard,

So get out your coats…

Hold on.

….Might be freezing.

Really? Are we going to have another “cold” front?


Wait. Really?

…Low of 48 tonight and might be freezing in the Hill Country.

Oh, I get it!

You can’t see air quotes on the radio.

It’s going to be “long” “cold” “winter”!

I need to find my “coat”.

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