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We all know who’s most important around here.

I decided to try to get a picture of all the kids today.

I’d had one taken professionally and she ended up sending a print where the baby was screaming. (Deep breath.) (let it out slowly.)

So, with the bar set so high, I figured I could probably get at least one shot.

Test shot.

A little over-exposed maybe.

A close-up of the bubs.

The whole group.

Ahh, Molly. You’re messing it all up.

She was a bit distracted by the neighbor’s dog that came out during the photo shoot. She and neighbor’s dog like to bark at each other. A lot.

Molly! Come here and sit. Sit Molly.

Uhh. Good Doggy?

Alright. That’ll do pig. That’ll do.

Reminds me of the time when Molly had to have emergency surgery. Mr. French was telling his manager that he had to leave early to go pick up his dog. And his manager looked at him strangely.

“You have a dog too?

What? like we can’t handle this much ego?



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Explain this to me




= a year


the difference between this:

and this:

and this:

is about a week and a half.


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