I know this is getting old but….

I know this blog is just becoming one long sarcastic complaint about the weather, but….


Dear Texas,

It’s January!

Get yourself together, man!

At least some frost!


Displaced Northerner

I am so dreading this summer.

Disclaimer: This post brought to you, free of charge, by the ad council for Tourism in San Antonio. We encourage you to visit before summer hits in February.*

*Just kidding. I mean, the ad council didn’t not pay me to do this post. It is true that summer starts in February, though.



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4 responses to “I know this is getting old but….

  1. kathy

    I feel for you. Seasons are nice. More than just 2 seasons that is: hot and rainy and hot and dry but still incredibly humid. I believe you can relate somehow.

    • Rachel

      It’s the seasons I miss the most. I like the change. One thing I think is funny about living in numerous diverse places, is that everybody tells the same joke about their state and thinks it’s original.

      “Well, you know what they say about the weather in ______. Just wait a minute. It’ll change.”
      Yeah. ‘Cause it’s the weather. They even say it around here. As if there’s such a big difference everyday.

  2. Um, so, so sorry to disagree. But as strongly as you feel about the heat is how strongly I feel about the cold. The 75 yesterday was BLESSED after 33 degree lows! So I kinda understand your relationship with the weather. You just have it backwards. ; )

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