She wouldn’t. Would she?

So, every time a birthday or holiday comes up, I tend to be the parent that teases the kids, with the, “Oh, do people get presents on their birthday? I’ve never heard of such a tradition.”

Or my favorite, “Honey, did you pick up the Hello, kitty underwear for the boys? Did you get pink or purple? I think S would like purple.” This, of course, is perfect because they’re at the age where underwear is funny and girl stuff is gross.

My kids, of course, have figured me out and now say things like, “Oh, you’re just teasing. You wouldn’t do that.”

Well…I hate to disappoint.

And this, my friends, made my year.

I’ve got to figure out how to one-up myself next year.

(If you need an explanation, I wrapped three sets of BOY underwear and gave it to Felicity, then gave a pack of GIRL underwear to each of the boys.) (This was not all they got. The pile of presents was waiting just off camera. I just made them open these first.)



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3 responses to “She wouldn’t. Would she?

  1. Esther

    I completely love their faces. Everyone got the joke!

    My dad used to joke that every single thing he opened, regardless of shape or size, was a record or a pair of shoes. So Maureen made him a tiny pair of shoes, sitting on a tiny record, out of clay and painted them, one year. đŸ™‚

  2. Brenda H

    What a great idea!

  3. Sue

    You are awesome! I LOVE Felicity’s face, in particular!

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