Penzey’s best customer

I think of myself as a minimalist.

But I actually hoard a few select things.

One, boxes, which you saw earlier. I don’t know why but it pains me to get rid of a good box. I tend to just keep them all until we move and then I get rid of them.

This is my logic: They’re so useful! But they take up so much space! And in the end you don’t need them! Keep them all!

The second thing I hoard might be surprising.

It takes a whole suitcase to move them all.

That’s not the worst of it.

The bags on top are also filled with herbs and spices.

You know, in case I run out.

Do you hoard anything? Tell me I’m not the only one.


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5 responses to “Penzey’s best customer

  1. Ruth McKissick

    Yes, Rachel, I am also a box collector–when someone needs a box, I have it.However, they take up a lot of space but there’s something about a good box that just won’t let me throw it away. And Penzey spices–they are the best and I use them all the time. Their store is a W O N D E R F U L place to go, if nothing else, just for the aroma. Vickie takes me to hers every time I am in Jacksonville and I am going the first part of April. A girl scout just left the cookies I had ordered awhile back, so there’s goes my diet.
    Thank you for all the nice family pictures you send, plus your blog. It keeps me up on what you’re doing and how everyone looks. Hope to see you in Indiana. (You’re not moving, are you?) Love, Grandma

    • Rachel

      Now I know where I get it.
      I do hope to see you in Indiana.
      And yes, we just moved but we’re still in Texas. 🙂
      Address to come shortly.

  2. Mom

    I’m afraid my Pensey spices out number yours….but they don’t fall out of the cabinet when I open it… I don’t think I have too many! Not big on saving boxes, but I just bought some butter (4 pounds) ’cause it was on sale (how can you pass up $2/lb?), and have added it to the 8 pounds I found waiting in the refrigerator. Guess we won’t run out of butter anytime soon. Maybe I should bake some cookies… Oh yeah, and then there are all my cookbooks…..

    • Ruth McKissick

      Virginia Beard makes pie crusts with butter, says it is better for a person than other shortenings. You have me beat on the number of cookbooks, no doubt about it. Laurisa made chocolate chip cookies yesterday with two sticks of butter. When you get them done, call and I’ll come right over.

  3. Rebekah

    And I thought I had a lot of Penzey’s spices, but I think you have me beat. I love their coupons. They do get me into the store when I’m on that side of town and I can’t help but pick up something else while I’m there. I like to buy the bulk bags of herbs and spices and put them in my own pint jars. Then I cut out the label and tape it to the jar.

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