Guess who just turned 10?

So, when we were still in the Dallas area, we let S open his presents a little early.

And then we took pictures with our iphones, hence the following bad pictures. (The best part is at the end if you just want to skip.)

If you don’t know what Gamera is, I’d suggest you do yourself a favor and keep it that way.

Unless you like Scary-Japanese-Giant-Turtle movies.

In which case, you’re probably either a 10 year old boy or you used to be one.



Filed under Boys will be boys, These are the things I want to remember, This is going to be really funny one day

2 responses to “Guess who just turned 10?

  1. GrandDad Dewell

    I was a 10 year old boy when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. That was scary.

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