It’s a good thing I know how to cook.

A conversation the day before his birthday:

S: I just feel like a…what’s it called?

C: Adult?

S: No, what’s it called when you have a big appetite?

Me: Hungry?

S: A teenager! I feel like a teenager but I’m still just a kid.


S: I wonder what Ethan will be like when he’s older? Like when he’s Felicity’s age.

Me: Yeah. That will be interesting.

S: I hope he doesn’t waste food like Felicity.

Yeah, ’cause that’s the worst thing I can think of too.



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3 responses to “It’s a good thing I know how to cook.

  1. Julie

    my brothers ate like teenagers when they were 8-12 too. it got completely out of hand by the time they really were teenagers. i am very worried about keeping up with my boys – e already eats as much as i do, and he’s 5. i’m thinking of hiring him out as child labor to one of the local dairy farms in exchange for milk, but i’m kind of afraid that manual labor would only make him more hungry. yikes!

    • Rachel

      Oh. man. This is exactly what I didn’t want to hear. Ever since we’ve had two boys (but esp. after the third) we’ve been saying how we needed to open up an account just to save for their teenage appetites. And wouldn’t you know, we never did that and now it’s too late! 🙂 (Although your brothers are huge, so maybe there’s hope.)
      I’m also constantly trying to think up jobs they could get to pay for their food. Like cutting grass, cleaning up dog poop. Milking cows is a good one. I’m thinking we should just get a cow. And a couple of pigs.

      • Julie

        yeah, raising livestock seems more and more reasonable all the time.
        if they are already so concerned about wasting food, watch out – soon they will be demanding that all their food be “efficient” – in high school things like celery and even bone-in chicken wings/drumsticks were totally out at our house because they required too much energy without providing enough caloric return. yes, they really did make up rules like that. =) good luck!

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