All about Ethan

You can tell that Ethan is the fifth child by looking at his baby book.

I can just imagine the conversation now, 18 years before it happens.

Girlfriend: Oh, I want to see your baby book. By the way, your Mom seems really cool.*

Ethan: Uh, Okay.

Girlfriend: Um. How do you know this is yours? It’s….empty.

Ethan: Oh. That’s because my Mom had a blog. It doesn’t mean she didn’t love me.

Girlfriend: Uh-huh.

*What? It could happen.

So, this will be a little update on Ethan.

He is now 9 months old.

A couple days ago, his first tooth popped in.

And like his older late teething brother before him, Ethan started eating just last week. Prior to now, when I offered him food or put food in his mouth to try it out, he was convinced I was trying to kill him by poisoning or choking. This week I was eating something and he grabbed my hand and stuffed it in his mouth. And he’s been trying food ever since.

I don’t know his height or weight but he’s mostly wearing size 12 months. Except for pajamas. I realized last night that he’s been wearing the same sleepers since birth. They were a little big on him then and they’re a little snug on him now but, I think that’s got to be worth some frugal points. Plus, bonus points when I tell you that they were given to me for J (who wore them) and here you can see Miss Felicity wearing the same one.

He also did this:

I  realize that’s not very exciting but he had actually pushed it a fair distance at that point. Of course, I didn’t get my camera out in time to capture it all. (We were in a therapist’s office.) (Not that kind of therapist.) (Or that kind.)

Also, one cute thing I want to remember. Sometimes when I hold him on my shoulder and pat him on the back (usually at night when I’m putting him back to bed), he’ll pat my shoulder back.

Altogether now: Awwwwe.

He was one of my best sleepers as an infant. He slept through the night pretty early on. And kept it up for awhile. And now he gets up at least twice a night. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but he hasn’t slept through the night in months. I just thought I’d throw that in there in case you were getting jealous.

We’ll still keep him though.

For a couple more years anyway.


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3 responses to “All about Ethan

  1. Woman with the Yellow Hat

    Yes, CIII is our first to pack my shoulder back! And, (consolation here:-), she still wakes 2-3x/night and she’s twice his age … b/c we’ve spoiled her; yikes, at this rate, it’s a sign that we shouldn’t have more than a handful!

    • Rachel

      Ahh, well. No better cure for the spoiled baby in the family than being pushed out of their coveted spot by the next baby. 😉
      They all seem to get over it eventually, anyway.

  2. Wow he looks so much like you!

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