Super powers

In my next life, I’d like to have the takes-good-pictures-of-kids-and-animals super power.

I mean, if we get to choose.

I don’t have that super power.


My super power is being able to leave dishes in the sink until the next meal.

Well, it’s something I’m trying out. I’m actually not that good at it yet. But, I’m trying.

Come to think of it, I’m really good at not getting overwhelmed by the laundry.

I think it’s quite a feat since I know people with only 2 kids who say they do laundry everyday and it’s overwhelming. I only do laundry twice a week and I find it quite doable.

Though I should probably admit that my kids do most of it.


Now I’m starting to think I don’t have any super powers.

And just when I was about to brag about not being depressed.


Anyway, here’s proof about the pictures thing.

(Not that you needed proof.)

Otherwise, I could’ve named this: Photoshoot Disaster.

But that has such negative connotations.

So, what are your super powers?



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4 responses to “Super powers

  1. GrandDad Dewell

    Actually you do very well with the photos. I have more photos of Ethan than any of the others except for the first child.

    • Rachel

      Well, I think it’s because of the blogging. I have albums full of the other boys. But, it’s good to know I’m not totally failing.

  2. Sue

    You’re also a great quilt photographer! (Your kids are SO cute–and I only know that because of your great photos of them. So argue with that, if you can!)

    • Rachel

      You’re…just…so right. What can I say? 🙂

      That’s a quilt my grandmother made for my oldest. I still really like it. I hope his children get to use it too.

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