Ethan is teething. He appears to be working on the top four. All at the same time. For weeks now.

Will you hate me if I tell you that I’ve never really had to deal with teething before?

You know how you don’t really know how easy you have it until the moment that you realize things could be so much worse? It reminds me of when I was about 6 weeks pregnant with my first and I bragged to Mr. French about how good I felt.

Man, what was it like to be that naive?

This last week has been filled with sleepless nights, crying, thrashing around, and multiple temper tantrums.

Even Ethan has been struggling.

Seriously though, how did my other kids sail through this so easily?

I keep thinking, surely tomorrow will be better. You can see the teeth. They’re right there. They just have to break through.

Except today, after the worst night so far, when I was just walking around in circles trying to keep him calm, after he’d taken his 15 minute nap, I started thinking that maybe he’s not teething. Maybe I’ve just been excusing all this bad behavior, and this is actually his personality.

Too bad I’m an optimist.

(Picture not from today.)



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6 responses to “Teething

  1. Melissa

    I read a positive review of baltic amber for teething pain a while back and this site: http://www.hazelaid.com/C_About_Baltic_Amber.html explains how it works and sells products made from amber.

  2. Rachel

    Looks interesting. Forget the baby, maybe I should get one for myself?

  3. writeapril

    I was just coming to leave a comment about baltic amber as well. I received a necklace as a baby gift before Eden was born. She wears hers constantly. And yes, I can tell a difference. If I take it off for a bath and forget to put it back on, I question the next day why she is so cranky and whining…then I remember the necklace. Love it and highly recommend it.

    • Rachel

      So, I’ve seen these around but didn’t really understand them before. Does it’s effect come from it simply being on their skin? I guess when I first read about it I thought maybe they put it in their mouth. But now I’m thinking that doesn’t make sense.

      • writeapril

        the warmth of their skin causes the resin to be absorbed into their skin. i read a suggestion to wrap it around their ankle if you weren’t comfortable letting them sleep in it…but i always just leave it on E.

  4. Julie

    yep, finn too. he got 4 teeth all at once last week – but it took weeks to get there! i could see them there, looking they would be through any moment, but it just went on and on. my big kids never had much trouble with teething, so it was a whole new game for us. so glad they are finally all in and we can go back to not sleeping well, but not screaming all the time. =) at least until the next tooth comes.

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