Ethan is a bat (probably)

It wasn’t an easy conclusion to come to, but it doesn’t make sense any other way.

See, we put him to bed in his crib, in a room he shares with his sister. Round about 3 or 4 or 5 in the morning he wakes up, decides to get up (nocturnal, anyone?) climbs out of his crib (or flies, it’s not like we’re watching him) and then makes his way through his usually toy shrewn room in the dark, opens the door, always closes the door and then walks through the dark house (can he see in the dark or does he have a sonar system?). He then opens our door, closes our door (not quietly) and then stands by my bed staring at me until I wake up. At least I assume he’s staring, except that it’s dark and I can’t see. (I’m not a bat.) It’s creepy and I’m pretty sure that’s what bats do.

But if I haven’t convinced you yet, this next part will (probably) do it.

So, the same sonar system, nocturnal, up in the night, star at mom while she sleeps, creepy bat maneuver happened the other night around 3 am. He nursed, he fussed, I turned over and ignored him and he feel asleep. I woke up a little chilly and reached for the covers, only to discover that there was an upside down bat child in my bed. His head was around where my knees were. And his feet were in smelling distance. So, not only could I not pull up the covers, but I also had to sleep with a bat that can kick.

Also? He eats fruit.

(Totally a bat.)



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2 responses to “Ethan is a bat (probably)

  1. Dad

    Keith used to visit his Mother in the middle of the night. I would wake up and send him back to bed. He was some kind of animal because he would crawl into the room (so I wouldn’t see him?). However, he was older than Ethan. We were living on Capital in Indianapolis.

    • Rachel

      Yeah, he remembers getting in trouble for that. Except one time he successfully faked being asleep so you just carried him back to bed. He likes to tell that story to the boys.

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