When boys do housework

When boys sort the laundry:

Believe it or not, the laundry actually got done that day. Eventually.

When boys put the dishes away:

I tell people that having three boys at these ages is like herding puppies. They wrestle all the time. For fun. Even with kids they’ve just met.

And I listen to a lot of bad jokes.

-The octopus said “what a lovely day”.

The man said “it’s not a lovely day”.

Why did the man say that? Because it was raining. Get it?

-Felicity asked for a hot dog. Calvin said, “why don’t you ask the dog.”

-Why does the lady keep exploding? Because she keeps drinking TNT.

-What did the light say to the other light? I’m lighter than you.

-The thief says to the mummy, “I’ll shoot your brains out.” Mummy: “Haha. I don’t have any brains.”

-Why did the old women keep shooting to the sky? Because she kept eating firecrackers.

And there’s always more where that came from.



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2 responses to “When boys do housework

  1. Jay

    With 3 girls first the loving feuding looks a bit different in our household. I’m somewhat surprised in the dearth of comments, but maybe everyone is just busy herding their own puppies (or cats).

    • Rachel

      Hey, long time no hear.

      Yeah, I suspect girls would look more like cats. That scream. At least that’s how I remember it. 🙂

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