You want to know how we met?

The first time or the second time?

Well….it’s kind of a long complicated story.

It started in 1994 in Ireland and then Scotland and then back to Kansas where it abruptly ended. That took all of a month.

Then in August 1998 I started Nursing School in Kansas City. In October 1998, he was living in Washington D.C. and got a job in Kansas City. He called his old pastor friend from Philadelphia because he’d heard he was in a church somewhere in Kansas.

“Are you close to Kansas City?” He asked.
“A six hours drive is not really close.” said his friend. “There is one girl from here that is up there, though. Do you know a Rachel SoandSo?”
“Oh, I think I do know her.” He said, none too excited.

 My Mom was at the Pastor’s house when Mr. French called. So then my Mom e-mailed me to let me know that he was coming.

And then we were both at church in Kansas City that next weekend. And if you can imagine, it was not love at first sight. To quote Mr. French, “I was just surprised you talked to me.”

And if you could follow that, it gets a little more complicated from here.

(to be continued…)


One response to “How?

  1. abigail

    I don’t remember ever hearing that exact version of the story (with all those details). It’s quite funny!

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