Cast of Characters (and what they like):

Mr. French: That’s not his real name, of course.

But he went to France to learn French, so that’s what we call him.

Also answers to “Honey”.

As in, “Dude, where’s the honey?”

He likes Breyer’s Peach with hot fudge. (But he’s not picky.)

Me, myself and I: I’m the main writer so I don’t have to identify myself.

I start a lot of sentences with “So…”.

As in, “So, anyway. What were we talking about?”

Now you’re probably wondering why I used the word, writer, to describe myself.

Me, too.

So, anyway…I like Moose Tracks.

C: A boy, 8 years old. Blonde hair. Loves everything. At least that’s what he says. He likes Vanilla.

S: A boy, 7 years old. Red hair. Loves trains. He will definitely tell you about it. He likes Strawberry.

J: Another boy, 4 years old. Dirty blonde hair. Loves to smile. He especially loves to make you laugh when he’s smiling. He likes Peanut Butter on everything.

F: A girl. Our first. (born August 11, 2008) Brownish hair (still waiting to see the final product.) She’s partial to milk, currently.

The end.