How not to make bone broth (Or, what just happened?)

Yesterday was a weird day. Mostly just the end of it, though.  Ethan decided he would not go to bed until all was right in his world and after much screaming, finally, finally fell asleep in Felicity’s bed with her around 10:45pm. I had holed myself up in our back bedroom with earphones in and cursed my lazy self for never sleep training him. (But he was such a fussy baby! It seemed like a good idea at the time!)

Anyway, now you know that I was in the back bedroom at 11 pm, almost ready to turn in for the night. Mr. French, was also there, studying at his makeshift standup desk/dresser. I’d just like to reiterate that it’s unusual for us to be in the back bedroom instead of the open living/kitchen/dining area, which has better lighting and is where we tend to hang out in the evening once the kids are in bed.

Suddenly, there was a loud Whoosh! sound. The kind that makes you imagine horrible things but nothing like what you’re about to discover.

So, we’re standing in the kitchen, that previously had been a 2 on a scale of 1-10, (1=bone dry and 10=covered in 1 foot of water) and was now easily a 7 on the same scale.

I just stood there for a minute because I couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing.

“The dish washer…?” I said.

“Oh, it must be the dishwasher! There’s water everywhere.” said Mr. French.


“It’s the crockpot.” I said, as the smell of beef and grease finally clued me in. And then I noticed little pieces of meat amongst the dripping drips. “But…why?how? It’s everywhere. I mean everywhere.”

Mr. French starts getting rags out, cleaning up.

I just stood there. The crockpot was intact. The glass lid was still in one piece and firmly latched down. The crockpot was turned off. And yet, all that remained inside were the bones. A once full pot was almost completely emptied. And the entire kitchen was literally dripping in broth.

Imagine this all covered in broth. Tasty!

Imagine this all covered in broth. Tasty!

I’m still clueless. There’s a steam hole in the lid. But how the pressure built up enough to spout all the broth out but not blow the top, I can’t figure out. There was broth in the three drawers closest to the crockpot, all over the island and the counter next to it. All over the floor (which Mr. French cleaned up!), all over the sink and the clean dishes next to it. Of course the cabinets, the underside of the cabinets, were sprayed. Any paper I had sitting on the counter got completely ruined.

I’ve been making bone broth for the last year, in this crock pot. I’ll throw it all together and leave it for, literally, days. If I don’t want to deal with it, I just keep reprogramming it. (It has an automatic shutoff.) But this last batch I had only started one day earlier.

This was all that was left. Yes, I left it out all night.

This was all that was left. Yes, I left it out all night.

Anyway, I’m glad I wasn’t in the kitchen at the time. I’m really glad that I didn’t find it the next morning (talk about a bad morning) and I’m especially glad that it was late at night and none of the kids were around or near it. When I told the boys about it the next morning they said they wished they had been around to see it. They were also sure that MacGyver could have figured out what had happened.



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7 responses to “How not to make bone broth (Or, what just happened?)

  1. Esther

    That is SO weird.

    I remember watching MacGyver with you guys when I visited you in Minneola when I was 10! You were all really into it. Guess some things get passed on to the next generation. 🙂

    • Rachel

      Yes, well, these things aren’t accidents. 🙂
      I’m not sure Mr. French was pleased but I saw it at the library and got all nostalgic.

  2. Mom

    Oh, dear!!! What a mess! Guess those new tight fitting crock pot lids with the rubber gaskets have a down side. So glad Mr. French was there to clean up. That was nice of him…very, very nice of him.

    • Rachel

      Yes, it was nice. I really didn’t know where to start, frankly.
      I have the regular kind of crockpot as well and I don’t like how it spits and the liquid builds up on the rim. But, that does seem preferable to the kind that release pressure like a whale, now that’s I’ve experienced both.

  3. Sue

    I’m glad you’re back! Also very glad the event happened when the kitchen was unoccupied.
    The boys will just have to make and observe their own messes during the day!

  4. Maranatha

    Oh wow, I think I remember something starting to happen like that when I used the crock pot too. Broth water was all over the counter, some on the floor, thankfully I caught while the crock was only half empty. So strange isn’t it, that never happened with other dishes. That stuff is a pain to clean up too. gross. Now I only use my stock pot, and bone broth troubles Anthony’s stomach, so I don’t make it as much.

  5. Mom

    I was relating your story to some friends, and they said they’d also heard that had happened to someone. There should be a warning in the directions against having it latched when in use. You should write the company a letter…maybe send them your blog post!

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