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Sushi, it is

All my boys like to eat.

Full stop.

Okay, there’s a but.

But, S is the only one who will eat anything. Full stop.

He’s always hungry and he’s always willing to try whatever it is you’re making. At one point he was keeping track of all the different meats he’s ever had, so he could add more to the list.

He reminds me of my brother, actually. My brother would pretty much eat anything and he especially enjoyed eating whatever would gross his sisters out the most. (It was just three girls and him). For the record there isn’t anything even remotely girly about my squirrel-skinning, dumpster-diving, probably roadkill eating brother. (I might have made up one of those.)

Anyway, when he was my boys’ age, my Grandpa would take us all out to one of those midwestern all-you-can-eat places, just to watch him eat. He’d get such a kick out of my brother piling his plate high, over and over and over. I didn’t really understand until recently, how much fun it is to feed people who enjoy eating.

And, here comes the point. S and I took a sushi class last night.

We both enjoyed it. It was actually much easier than it looks. I think we’ll definitely be trying it at home sometime soon.

Anyone up for an inside out spicy tuna roll? (That was our favorite.)



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Baby eyes



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She wouldn’t. Would she?

So, every time a birthday or holiday comes up, I tend to be the parent that teases the kids, with the, “Oh, do people get presents on their birthday? I’ve never heard of such a tradition.”

Or my favorite, “Honey, did you pick up the Hello, kitty underwear for the boys? Did you get pink or purple? I think S would like purple.” This, of course, is perfect because they’re at the age where underwear is funny and girl stuff is gross.

My kids, of course, have figured me out and now say things like, “Oh, you’re just teasing. You wouldn’t do that.”

Well…I hate to disappoint.

And this, my friends, made my year.

I’ve got to figure out how to one-up myself next year.

(If you need an explanation, I wrapped three sets of BOY underwear and gave it to Felicity, then gave a pack of GIRL underwear to each of the boys.) (This was not all they got. The pile of presents was waiting just off camera. I just made them open these first.)


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Three things about our three-year-old, so…

1. She likes to follow the rules, as long as they suit her. For instance, we require all our children to ask to be excused before leaving the dinner table. (It helps to rein in the chaos.) She enjoys doing this, especially when her brothers might have forgotten.

2. She has been adding the word “So” at the end of a lot of her sentences. It will make you start adding it to the end of all your sentences, just for the comedy factor. “This chicken is good, so….”

We may have a low standard for comedy, so…

3. She is our first child to really relish tattling. I was possibly better at putting the kibosh on it with the boys. And, also, we think it’s kind of funny.

Which brings us to the other night when she said, “Talvin not say ‘may I be ‘scused, please’…so…”


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I know this is getting old but….

I know this blog is just becoming one long sarcastic complaint about the weather, but….


Dear Texas,

It’s January!

Get yourself together, man!

At least some frost!


Displaced Northerner

I am so dreading this summer.

Disclaimer: This post brought to you, free of charge, by the ad council for Tourism in San Antonio. We encourage you to visit before summer hits in February.*

*Just kidding. I mean, the ad council didn’t not pay me to do this post. It is true that summer starts in February, though.



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Happy New Year, better late than never, right?

Here, Ethan practices his smolder.


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