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hobby |häbē| noun ( pl. -bies) 1 an activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure

When I changed the name of my blog, Mr. French thought I was exaggerating. I didn’t know it at the time, but he told me that later, when the threat of moving had raised it’s ugly head, again.

And then he apologized and said I was amazing for what I put up with. (Yes, honey, you said it. Or something equally complementary. Although I was pregnant at the time….)

(No, you definitely said it.)

We didn’t even have to move that time. But we moved later. And then did it a couple more times just for the fun of it.*

I don’t even need to tell you how we spent last month, right?

But the question is, where did we move?

I mean, with 50 states to choose from, it’s probably going to be hard to guess.

I’ll give you a hint. We did not fly over the Pacific in our mini-van and rented U-haul trailer.

So you can cross Hawaii right off the list. And you can cross Ohio off too.

I just don’t know how in the world you’re going to figure this out.

*You know I’m kidding, right? I mean the part about “the fun of it”. I never kid about moving.



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